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If you are a student, a professional, an academic, or policy/decision maker involved in water cooperation and diplomacy, this MOOC is addressed to you. 

It enhances your scientific knowledge and capacities to engage in water cooperation and diplomacy processes; it also gives you ammunition to contribute to the public debate and discourses on shared waters. Finally, it connects you with other professionals, students, decision and policy makers as well as academics from around the world, and offers you opportunities to exchanges views, experiences and knowledge with them. 

This course is composed of five modules and includes a variety of innovative training material i.e. lectures, interviews, maps, case studies, exercises and simulations.

Main topics include: 
•    The core features of the concept of water diplomacy 
•    The causes and dynamics of water conflicts and cooperation
•    Water Diplomacy Tools and Processes
•    Legal and institutional frameworks for water cooperation and diplomacy, and 
•    The role of information and knowledge in water cooperation and diplomacy processes

Enrol and integrate our water cooperation and diplomacy community!


This course is in English, with English subtitles.

24 août 2023

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