Cours ouverts




The course proposes activities that allow students to reinvest the concepts and knowledge they have acquired in order to develop their ability to analyze education systems, particularly with regard to international issues.

Through the discovery of different themes related to the internationalization of education, such as migration, global citizenship, North-South relations, we will present the way in which the events taking place on a global scale impact the daily life of the actors of education on a local scale. It is through these changes of scale that you will acquire new knowledge on international education in order to identify the main issues. To support your reflection, you will be led to work with key concepts, which will become tools for your analysis in education. The panorama of themes addressed, as well as the theoretical contributions that will support their presentation, will allow you to understand education in an international perspective. The key objective of this course is to help you identify the effects of the global on the local in education and the issues that this entails.

During this course, we will address issues that affect education such as migration, international cooperation, global citizenship and international agendas.

At the end of the course, you will be able to understand and analyze how the international dimensions of our world influence education, even at the local level.


This course is in English, with English subtitles.

24 août 2023

Cours ouverts