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What is ADHD and what are the challenges that come with it?
Whether you are a person affected by ADHD, a family member or a professional, this MOOC will provide you with an understanding of what ADHD is. It will allow you to respond to the specific challenges of ADHD by developing a complex strategy that integrates psychological dimensions, neurobiological treatments, as well as environmental interventions. Since in two thirds of cases this disorder is relatively persistent, even though it may fluctuate over the course of an individual's life, this course will provide keys to understanding how to live with ADHD over time.
Through presentations by experts in the field, activities and various resources such as readings and videos, you will learn about

- The assessment of ADHD symptoms
- The specifics of ADHD diagnosis, as well as its differential diagnoses and comorbidities
- Biological (including medication), psychological and environmental interventions for ADHD

This MOOC has been created for teenagers and adults affected by ADHD, as well as their families. It has also been designed for professionals interested in ADHD. This MOOC is also proposed to medical and psychology students who wish to learn more about ADHD.
We hope you will have a lot of fun following this MOOC!


This course is in English, with English subtitles.


This course is also available in French. Access the course.

12 sept. 2023

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