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This course provides a comprehensive introduction to political citizenship from both a theoretical and empirical perspective, with a particular emphasis on its participatory dimension. Participants will engage with fresh teaching materials, alongside insightful interviews and case studies, thanks to contributions from researchers in the Department of Political Science and International Relations at the University of Geneva as well as international experts on political participation, citizenship, and migration. The various components of the MOOC offer a diverse and well-rounded approach to understanding citizenship.

Citizenship consists of membership in a political community and involves both rights and duties, including the duty to actively engage with and contribute to that community. It also entails addressing the challenges encountered by specific groups, such as migrants and young people, in relation to their citizenship status, rights, and participation. This course aims to offer a deeper comprehension of the features and complexities of citizenship in today's globalized world, while also fostering the development of critical thinking.

Whether you are already familiar with the notion of citizenship or not, this course offers you fresh insights into some of the key contemporary challenges surrounding citizenship and their far-reaching social impacts on citizens.


This course is in English, with English subtitles.

24 août 2023

Cours ouverts