Global Flipped Classroom & Hackathon on One Health: From MOOCs to Real World Challenges!

10 -14th July 2017

Institute of Global Health (Geneva) and Swiss TPH (Basel)

This event brought together 12 national and international learners selected from the MOOCs “Global Health at the Human-Animal-Ecosystem Interface” co-produced by the University of Geneva, Institute Pasteur, University of Montreal and Centre Virchow-Villermé for Public Health Paris-Berlin/Université Paris Descartes on Coursera and “One Health: Connecting Humans, Animals and the Environment”  by the Swiss TPH and the University of Basel on Future Learn to work collaboratively in small teams using One Health and innovation to tackle real world challenges: primate trade and its implications on conservation and public health, re-inventing boots to prevent snakebite, urban wildlife and one health risks, antimicrobial resistance.

The selected learners ranged from young students to senior researchers with highly interdisciplinary (veterinary epidemiology, wildlife conservation biology, herpetology, human medicine and healthcare, public health etc.) and international expertises and origins, including representatives from Bhutan, Nepal, Kenya, France, Spain, Rumania, US, Switzerland etc. Participants were actively guided and supported by interdisciplinary experts from academia (e.g. UNIGE, Swiss TPH, University of Montreal, EPFL, University of Melbourne etc.) and international organisations and NGOs (e.g. WHO, FIND, Global Snakebite Initiative etc.).

The outcomes of the research projects developed during the 2-days hackathon were of considerable interest and new teams and collaborations were built around them opening promising short and mid-term opportunities for further development in different forms (e.g. scientific publications). This initiative brings new ideas for re-thinking the application of MOOCs in general and particularly in the field of One Health to ensure a more direct and practical impact in research and problem solving using interdisciplinary collaborations and the expertise available within massive and global communities online.

This event was organised in close collaboration between the Institute of Global Health of the University of Geneva and the Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute of the University of Basel, and with the support of the Swiss School of Public Health (SSPH+).




2 août 2017