Capstone: Challenges in Global Affairs

The University of Geneva has been collaborating with Leiden University on a MOOC capstone called "Challenges in Global Affairs". The capstone is a final project that follows the successful completion of three separate MOOC courses, including the International Organizations Management MOOC from the University of Geneva. The capstone participants must submit an original short research paper on one of four possible topics: 

1.    A bilateral conflict 

2.    A challenge to an international organization  

3.    A transnational issue 

4.    The OECD challenge 

There were several excellent papers and we wish to congratulate all those who received top marks. You can see an example of their work in the Challenges in Global Affairs eBook.

 The OECD Challenge category (in which participants were asked to explore the reasons for why certain global problems were so hard to resolve) had an additional aspect to it; the top paper would be chosen to present at the OECD in Paris. In this category, " Tackling the Gender Wage Gap " by Laura Schweiger was chosen to be the winning essay. Her essay explores an important subject that is currently on the agenda of the OECD. Laura is looking forward to presenting her paper at the OECD Conference centre in Paris.